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Just a few of the Cat Flaps Fitted by us 
Cat Flap fitted in Georgian style door

Now how do I open this new cat flap

Cat Flap Fitter supply and fit all microchip reading cat flaps

This is very easy to use

Cat Flap Fitter have fitted my new Sureflap perfectly in our outside wall

Oh I see I just push it

Cat Flap fitter do a nice job, when fitting cat flaps in walls

Soot trying her new cat flap out

This Cat Flap fitted into our wall is perfect, I like the space I have with a UPVC box for the Tunnel

Soot freedom at last

Cat Flap fitter use 2 cat flaps in all of their wall fittings. The outside cat flap just clips on for winter months

A hole for my cat flap

When the cat flap is fitted in the wall I'll be able to come and go as I please

So where is my cat flap

The cat is using the cat flap hole before the cat flap as been fitted

Cat come to check me out

Colin the cat flap fitter is here, I'll go meet him

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microchip reading cat flap in Chelsea, London Cat Flap in a UPVC panelCat Flap in a UPVC door, Guildford, Surrey 

Cat Flap fitted in a double glazed door, Maidstone, KentCat flap fitted in a Leaded door, Reading, Buckinghamshire Cat flap fitted in a conservatory double glazed window, Portsmouth, Hampshire